Orton-Gillingham Academy – 2023 annual conference



Unlocking the Structure of the Science of Reading

Letters have stories too!

Are you familiar with the convention that English words do not end in the letter <v>?  Did you ever wonder why that was so?  Every word has a story and a family.  You may have heard that words that are related in meaning, are related in spelling.  This helps us understand more about why there are letters in words that don’t seem to be there for the purposes of pronunciation. It also helps us to make sense of homophones! But, sometimes it helps to dive even further back into the history of English to learn the story about letters in our alphabet.  Letters have stories too!  Knowing these stories helps us to see connections between words that at first glance, may not seem to share a spelling, and it also helps us understand some of the reasons for English spelling conventions.  Join us as we navigate back through time and explore some interesting connections.

 Sessions were recorded and will be available for on-demand viewing between April 3 – July 5, 2023

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