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Fundamental Learning offers courses that lead to all levels of Membership with the Orton-Gillingham Academy (OGA). All training programs by Fundamental Learning are taught by an Accredited Training Fellow and meet or exceed the standards set by the Orton-Gillingham Academy as well as the International Dyslexia Association Knowledge and Practice Standards.

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options for: Fundamentals, Classroom Educator, Associate, Certified levels

Workshop Topics

Explore our selection of popular workshops that Fundamental Learning has previously presented.
Content and model can be customized to meet the needs and interests of your group.

Structured Literacy Overview

Are you curious about “The Science of Reading”?  Have you heard of “Structured Literacy,” but you are not exactly sure what it is and how it differs from other practices? If so, you are not alone.  This two-day workshop will give an overview of the Science of Reading and current research, introduce and define some important terms and concepts that are critical to the scientific study of language and its structure, explore some common myths about the English language, and outline the elements of Structured Literacy: what it is, how it is taught, where and when it should happen and the reasons why this explicit, systematic approach to teaching language skills is getting so much attention.

(Structured) Word Inquiry Scientific Word Investigation

This workshop series introduces the basics of a structured word inquiry approach, using examples of word sums and matrices as tools to investigate the morphological structure of words and show the relationships between words that share morphemes.
Participants will explore how phonology fits within this framework and learn the importance of understanding etymology. 

Multisensory Grammar

This 4-part workshop focuses on building teacher knowledge as well as the application of basic grammar concepts. We will explore how to incorporate basic grammar concepts with students who have very basic knowledge of phoneme-grapheme correspondences and are only reading simple one-syllable words with short vowels. 
This can be expanded and applied to other students at other levels.

High Frequency Words

This workshop focuses on high frequency words that are often referred to as “irregular” and taught using ‘rote memory’ strategies.
What if, instead, you could UNDERSTAND their spellings?! 
Come explore and uncover the history and sense behind those words whose spellings you think make no sense, and learn how to more effectively teach them.

Word Inquiry – a deeper dive

Take a deeper dive into concepts introduced in the introductory session.

Dyslexia Books
Dyslexia 101

Dyslexia is the most common type of learning disability and one of the most common causes of reading, writing, and spelling difficulties. It exists across a spectrum from mild to severe, and occurs in people of all backgrounds and intellectual levels. The impact that dyslexia has is different for each person and depends on the severity and the timeliness and effectiveness of instruction or remediation. This introductory session will help attendees understand what dyslexia is (and what it is not), the signs and symptoms over the ages and stages, and the type of instruction that is essential to their learning.

Sessions can be 1 hour, 1/2 or full day, several days, or even years-long partnerships!

Don’t see your topic of interest on the list? These are just previous stand-alone presentations, but we would be happy to discuss other topics!

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Teacher Training & Dyslexia
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Morphology 101
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Word Wonderings and Wanderings
Structured Word Inquiry
Etymology/History of English
Letters Have Stories Too
Beyond Magic <e> An Introduction to Syllables
Phonology & Phonetics
Phonological Awareness
Congratulations, it’s Twins! Exploring Latin Roots