building struct words


All Ages – All Levels

We provide one-on-one Individualized Education Therapy for children and adults with learning difficulties/dyslexia using the Orton-Gillingham Approach and Structured Word Inquiry.

Graphemes &  Phonemes                                            Morphemes



Patterns                                                                        Morphology – investigate the structure of words
                                                                                                               using word sums and matrices

    ture sion                                                 word sums


 Grammar, Syntax, Semantics                                     Etymology –  investigate the origins of words
                                                                                                          using tools such as 

grammar symbols                struct etymology


The O-G Approach & Structured Word Inquiry

Suitable for use by educators, tutors, parents, and professionals involved in general education,
special education, resource, tutoring, and home school programs.  It can be used with all ages.



O-G uses DIRECT INSTRUCTION with explanations of WHAT is to be learned, WHY it is to be learned, and HOW it is to be learned.

Instruction follows the LOGICAL ORDER of the English language – beginning with the most basic elements and moving to more complex material.

Instruction employs ALL LEARNING PATHWAYS (seeing, hearing, feeling, and awareness of motion) SIMULTANEOUSLY in order to enhance memory and learning.

Concepts are SYSTEMATICALLY REVIEWED and PRACTICED UNTIL MASTERED and new material is layered upon and CONNECTED to what has been previously learned.

Reading, writing, and spelling are INTEGRATED.

Teaching plans are INDIVIDUALIZED and based on careful continuous ASSESSMENT of each student’s needs.