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Liisa Freure, Founder of Fundamental Learning

Liisa is a regular speaker at local, national, and international conferences such as the Orton Gillingham Academy, The Learning Disabilities Association, and the International Dyslexia Association. She is often invited to speak and consult with individual schools, school boards, organizations, clinics or groups on Literacy related topics.

She is an Ontario Certified Teacher with an M.Ed. and over 30 years of experience in the field of education. As an Accredited Training Fellow with the Orton-Gillingham Academy and a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist she has a deep understanding of Dyslexia, Orton-Gillingham, the Science of Reading, and Structured Literacy. She served on the board of IDA Ontario for 14 years, including two terms as President. She has also been intensively studying linguistics, the History of English, and Structured Word Inquiry for over a decade.

Liisa is available to speak or consult on a wide variety of topics and concepts related to language, literacy, and learning. She can provide a keynote or workshop presentation, or work with your group to support longer term professional development. Topics and models can be varied according to the needs of your group.

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Past Conference Presentations:

Vocabulary Development Across Subject Areas
The Science of Reading and Structured Literacy
Letters Have Stories Too – Diving back into the history of English to learn the stories about letters in our alphabet
Morphology – Words Have Families!
“Sight Words” “Irregular Words” “High Frequency Words”
Word Wonderings and Wanderings
List item
Using Morphology in Content Subject Areas
Phonological Awareness
Dyslexia 101 – What Every Teacher Needs to Know
What Makes “O-G” “O-G”?
Investigating Morphology using a Structured Word Inquiry Approach
Teacher Training and Dyslexia: What Our Teachers Need to Know and What Our Colleges Need to Be Doing
Beyond “Magic E”: An Introduction to Syllables and a few Basic Spelling Patterns.

Upcoming Conference Presentations and Events

March 2nd, 2024 – 10:45 – 12:00 PM
Structured Word Inquiry – Conference Session
Centre for Diverse Learners – 13th Annual Solutions For Learning Virtual Conference
This is a virtual conference with a line up of fabulous speakers! Hope to see you there!
April 6, 2024 – 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Congratulations – It’s Twins! Investigating Latin Roots
Orton-Gillingham Academy – 24th Annual Conference
Atlanta, Georgia –
This is a 2 day in-person conference in Atlanta, Georgia, but for those unable to travel there is also a virtual option. There are over 35 sessions and you have access to all the recordings for 3 months after the conference.

Consulting and Professional Development

Liisa’s leadership has transformed the literacy practices at our school. She has inspired and supported our teachers, tirelessly providing knowledge and resources. We are seeing significant improvements in our children’s learning, but more importantly we are more skilled at assessing and monitoring the improvements than we were before. She has been extremely flexible and responsive to ensure that professional development was job embedded and just in time learning.

Nancy Steinhauer
– Principal at The Mabin School 

Alana Hepworth
– Director of Student Services at Matthews Hall

Liisa Freure is an outstanding educator with a passion for learning and teaching. Over the course of a two-year literacy training program, Liisa provided direct instruction to our staff, supported teachers through their lesson planning, observed language lessons and provided individual feedback. Her instructional lessons displayed a wealth of knowledge in the areas of reading and writing that was fundamental to us developing a strong literacy program for our young learners.
Her demonstrations, exemplars, and activities made deep connections in learning for both the teachers and the students. Her breadth of knowledge and passion was contagious and invigorated our staff to take her teachings and put them into action. Liisa was able to take complex topics and present the information in a digestible, friendly and open manner. Her approach was welcoming and warm. She provided constructive feedback while holding firm to the philosophy and respecting each individual for the qualities that they bring to the classroom.

Mistakes and Learning

Liisa visits a grade one class

I had the privilege of working with a fabulous teacher, Tracy, and her wonderful grade one class over the course of the 2022-2023 school year. Together we explored letters, letter formation, graphemes, phonemes, morphemes, spelling patterns and generalizations, and the History of English. We used use word sums and word matrices to help understand the structure of our amazing language. A favourite activity was finding new spelling patterns on packaging! They truly became Word Collectors and detectives.

Here is a short clip of us talking about mistakes. This was just before we began a sorting activity with the word family <play>. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable making an initial hypothesis, but also be open to the idea that learning involves making mistakes and that is okay!

You might be wondering about my shirt and the black cape. The teacher had introduced me as a “Word Superhero” so I played along and wore my cape for fun, but I wanted them to know that learning is messy and creative and fun – hence the shirt 🙂

A Teacher’s Reflection

Liisa was a “Word Superhero” to my class and she will always be a “Word Superhero” to me! 

After my first class with Liisa, I said, “I will never look at words the same way ever again.”  And I never have. Her passion and knowledge of language is infectious.  I am so grateful my students had the opportunity to work with her.  Through my O-G Classroom Educator training Liisa inspired me to challenge my students to be “noticers” and “wonderers”.  That is exactly who they were. This allowed for various entry points for all learners and for me to meet everyone where they were. That same curiosity that I was fostering with the students, was being fostered in myself as well. 

I have taken many of Liisa’s courses and each time I continue to deepen my understanding of English and how it works.  Liisa’s knowledge of the content is broad, deep, and far reaching, but she is also able to embed it in practice that shows HOW to teach it to students at whatever level they are at, even at the earliest stages. I feel so much better prepared by all that I have learned with Liisa through my Orton-Gillingham training and the various workshops. The realization of how empowering the knowledge is gave me the motivation to share what I have learned and the confidence to move into a Reading Intervention role. Liisa’s passion is truly infectious. I am forever grateful to my “Word Superhero”!

Tracy Nick – Gr. 1 teacher – Toronto District School Board

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