When students are taught the FUNDAMENTALS of our language system they become empowered advocates for their own learning.  
They begin to look for patterns and meaning in the structure of our highly ordered morphophonemic language system and learn that English is NOT crazy!  

Phonology, morphology, and etymology all have a role to play, as do syntax and semantics.  
Reading, writing, and spelling takes us on a journey through time as we encounter the fascinating history that is our language.

If you’re looking to go beyond phonemic awareness and phonics to learn more about
how the English language actually works, come and join us!

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Fundamentals, Classroom Educator, Associate, and Certified Training options


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ALL TRAINING is Virtual (online) using a BLENDED format of zoom classes
and asynchronous Independent Learning Modules (ILMs)


/ˌfʌn dəˈmɛn təl/

adjective: Forming a necessary base or core; of central importance; essential underlying foundation or structure

noun:  (usually plural) A central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.





Fundamental Learning believes that it is fundamental

to teach the fundamentals of the English language.


late Middle English: from French fondamental, or late Latin fundamentalis, from Latin fundamentum, from fundare ‘to found’.


I have the unique perspective of having had the pleasure to witness the magic that Liisa brings to her teaching and tutoring as both an elementary school teacher who attended her Orton – Gillingham training and as a parent of a child who painfully struggled with both reading and writing.
I have yet to meet someone as able, knowledgeable, committed and passionate about teaching her students the fundamentals of reading.  It is amazing what happens when you systematically train a student using the O-G approach. Her students begin to feel, perhaps for the first time, the beauty of language and the pride and success of unlocking the rules and patterns, origins and complexities of the English language. Her lessons are engaging, meticulously planned and individually tailored to engage the student from where ever they begin their journey to reading.
I am completely in awe of the skills, results and enthusiasm that Liisa has been able to provide for my child. This approach coupled with this exemplary educator has been a very bright light along our journey to reading.

Elisa Mauro

Parent and teacher

My experience with the O-G courses (the Associate and the Certified levels) has been unexpected. I remember being skeptical at first and not entirely convinced that I would get anything out of it especially since I already had a Master’s degree in Special Education and had been actively tutoring for about 12 years. I have to say that even though the theoretical aspects came easily to me, especially that I was familiar with the terminology, it challenged some of my set beliefs. A good example would be learning to use morphology and etymology to explain and make sense of many sight words, rather than just teaching them as “rule breakers”. I was also in for a surprise when I started the practicum. The amount of planning, note taking and analyzing that was involved, forced me to look at my methods and lesson content under a microscope. Liisa’s meticulous and honest feedback was especially valuable to me. She is always exceedingly generous with her knowledge and guidance; she readily shares resources and information to give support in any way that she can. It is good to know that I am now able to give my students the best, evidence-based, individually-tailored intervention that they deserve. Becoming a part of the O-G community has been, and continues to be, a growing experience and a privilege.

Azza Daba

Remedial Educator /  Dyslexia Specialist

All through my life I’ve had difficulty with reading and writing. I am an adult and it came to a point that I needed to find a solution to this problem. My wife was supportive of my problem along the way, and I had tried a few different courses that weren’t successful. Then we found Liisa through the Internet. I contacted Liisa and met with her in March. Since meeting with her, I have noticed a huge improvement in my reading and writing. Now I can pick up a book and read because I want to and I am not scared to, something I have never done before, thanks to the methods Liisa has taught me. I have since taken a course to better my career, which is something I would never have had the courage or ability to do before. Liisa’s teaching has changed my life. It is never too late to get help for your learning needs.


Adult student


FUNDAMENTAL LEARNING was born of the passion to teach the structure of the English language in a way that makes sense.

We teach students of all ages – and that includes teachers!

Whether you are a parent looking for help for your child, a teacher looking for professional development, or a client looking to further develop your reading and writing skills – we are here to help.




Offering beginning instruction to advanced levels for teachers, parents, tutors, and other professionals.






Supporting teachers and tutors as they apply their newly learned skills.


Matching trainees with students.




Working with students of all ages and all levels – from pre-school to graduate school!