Structured Literacy Workshop

Are you curious about “The Science of Reading”?  Have you heard of “Structured Literacy,” but you are not exactly sure what it is and how it differs from other practices? If so, you are not alone.  This workshop will give an overview of the Science of Reading and current research, introduce and define some important terms and concepts that are critical to the scientific study of language and its structure, explore some common myths about the English language, and outline the elements of Structured Literacy: what it is, how it is taught, where and when it should happen and the reasons why this explicit, systematic approach to teaching language skills is getting so much attention.

This is a popular workshop for schools, clinics, or districts that would like an introductory session on Structured Literacy.
It can be delivered as a 1.5 hour presentation if you are looking for a very introductory session, or a 1-2 day session if you are looking for a more comprehensive professional development session.

Structured Literacy

Learn the basics of a structured literacy program. Structured literacy teaching stands in contrast with approaches that are popular in many schools but that do not teach oral and written language skills in an explicit, systematic manner. Evidence is strong that the majority of students learn to read better with structured teaching of basic language skills, and that the components and methods of Structured Literacy are critical for students with reading disabilities including dyslexia.

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