Letters Have Stories Too – presenting to Olentangy District School Board



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I was honoured to be invited by the Olentangy District School Board to share my presentation “Letters Have Stories Too” – a session that I had given at the Orton-Gilligham Academy Conference in the spring.

This presentation was entitled “Letters Have Stories Too”

Are you familiar with the convention that English words do not end in the letter <v>?  Did you ever wonder why that was so?  Every word has a story and a family – and letters do too!  Knowing these stories helps us to see connections between words that at first glance, may not seem to share a spelling, and it also helps us understand some of the reasons for English spelling conventions. 

The session expanded into 3 evenings and was very well received by the attendees. It was also recorded and posted for those unable to attend.

Many thanks for such a warm welcome!

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