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This in-person introductory workshop provided an overview of literacy instruction with examples of classroom application and some hands-on activities. 
It encouraged teachers to think critically about resources and instructional practices.

Topics and Concepts introduced are listed below. There were references to the new Ontario Curriculum and UFLI program where appropriate.

  • Science of Reading/ science of reading research
  • Models: Simple View of Reading, Active View of Reading, Reading Rope, Writing Rope
  • Components of a Structured Literacy program
  • The Alphabet and letters
  • Letter formation / handwriting
  • Orthography – Graphemes – digraphs, trigraphs, consonant clusters
  • Phonology – Phonemes & phones
  • Consonants and Vowels
  • Articulation – place and manner
  • Voicing
  • Stress
  • Orthographic mapping – regular and ‘irregular’ words
  • Sight Words
  • Jobs of marker <e>
  • Morphology – morpheme, base, affix, prefix, suffix, connecting vowel
  • Etymology – root, history of English
  • Matrix and Word Sums
  • Syntax
  • Semantics

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