FUNDAMENTAL LEARNING was born of the passion to teach the structure of the English language in a way that makes sense.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for rich, engaging professional development based on the science of literacy and learning. Our goal is to present a clear, accurate, and comprehensive understanding of the structure of the English language and most importantly to provide you with the tools to help you turn that knowledge into effective practice.

We teach the WHAT and the HOW along with the WHY!

We work with schools, clinics, organizations, and individuals to support professional learning in all things literacy related for any level or age group. There are a variety of courses and workshops to choose from depending on your goals, and our specialty is designing a customized learning experience for your group.


We teach students of all ages – and that includes teachers!

Whether you are a teacher curious about the Science of Reading and Learning and how it can help you reach all of your students, a school administrator looking for professional development for your staff, a client looking to further develop your reading and writing skills, or a parent looking for help for your child, – we are here to help.


Offering a wide variety of workshop topics to choose from or we can custom design a learning experience just for your group!

Orton-Gillingham Training

Providing high quality training by an Orton-Gillingham Academy Accredited Training Fellow at the Classroom Educator, Associate, and Certified levels for teachers, parents, tutors, and other professionals.


Liisa Freure is a regular speaker at local, national, and international conferences. She is available to speak in person or virtually on a wide variety of literacy related topics.


Offering consultation services to schools, clinics, and individuals. We can provide customized professional development, help support curriculum design and implementation, and guide and support staff as they refine their practice.


Working with students of all ages and all levels – from preschool to graduate school!

Practicum & Mentoring

Supporting teachers and tutors as they apply their newly learned skills. Matching trainees with students.

Student explaining affixes in sentence


When students are taught the FUNDAMENTALS of our language system they become empowered advocates for their own learning.  
They begin to look for patterns and meaning in the structure of our highly ordered morphophonemic language system and learn that English is NOT crazy!  

Phonology, morphology, and etymology all have a role to play, as do syntax and semantics.  
Reading, writing, and spelling takes us on a journey through time as we encounter the fascinating history that is our language.

If you’re looking to go beyond phonemic awareness and phonics to learn more about
how the English language actually works, come and join us!

Client Testimonials

Making Sense of Language

Fundamental Learning believes that it is fundamental to teach the fundamentals of the English language.