Structured word inquiry (SWI)

INTRODUCTION TO SWI – Virtual Workshop

Saturday, February 6, 2021     9:00—4:00 pm


This workshop will  introduce the basics of a structured word inquiry approach, using examples of word sums and matrices as tools to investigate the morphological structure of words and show the relationships between words that share morphemes.

Participants will explore how phonology fits within this framework and learn the importance of understanding etymology. 

This workshop was originally designed to complement Orton-Gillingham training and thus, although not a   requirement, is well suited to those who have previous experience or training in a Structured Literacy       approach or program. 

Join us for a day of fun learning about the structure and history of the English language!

Morphological awareness is the term used to describe one’s sensitivity to morphological structure and one’s ability to manipulate that structure.  It has been shown to play a role in the development of vocabulary, word reading, reading comprehension, and spelling. The importance of teaching morphology has been gaining greater attention in recent years.  Morphology focuses on how words are composed of meaningful parts; the smallest units of language that have grammatical function or meaning are known as morphemes.  Studies have found that teaching morphology has significant positive effects across ages from preschool to grade 8 and effects are most pronounced with the youngest children and children with underdeveloped skills. 



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