Educate yourself.  Be careful about programs that promise a “cure” or a “quick fix”.



Information Websites

Word study tools

Helpful Resources for word study – online

  • Word Works Kingston  – Pete Bowers
  • Real Spellers
  • Spellinars – (Real Spelling) – collaborative scholarship where a specific topic is explained and discussed by the seminar leader with a small group of participating scholars
  • Word Nerdery – forays in morphology & etymology


Just a FEW examples to get you started!

  • The American Way of Spelling – The Structure and Origins of American English Orthography- Richard L. Venezky
  • Spell It Out – The Curious, Enthralling, and Extraordinary Story of English Spellilng –  David Crystal
  • SL – Is For Sleaze but SN- Is For Sneeze! The Meaning Behind English Consonant Clusters – Colin Williams
  • Dictionary of Word Origins – John Ayto
  • Word Stems – A Dictionary – John Kennedy
  • Say What – The Weird and Mysterious Journey of the English Language – Gena Gorrell
  • Unlocking Literacy – Marcia Henry